Some renowned health experts (Dr. Oz) and opinion leaders are starting to call natural astaxanthin, the main ingredient in Ageless, “A Great Anti-Aging Supplement”.  When you think about it, most of the health concerns people have as they age can be affected by this one extraordinary molecule.  We like to call Ageless “The Supplement You Can Feel” because most people who take it report actually feeling a difference in their bodies. 500 Medical Research Studies Can’t Be Wrong. The basis for the health experts’ great appreciation for astaxanthin is rooted in science. There have been over 500 medical research studies showing a wide range of potential health benefits for astaxanthin. These range from in vitro experiments on astaxanthin’s free radical scavenging activity to pre-clinical trials to state-of-the-art human clinical studies. Based on this research, the following health claims have been submitted to the US FDA without objection for natural astaxanthin:

  • Nutritional support in the battle against aging. The ultimate nutrient to support the eyes and brain    Helps maintain beautiful, younger-looking skin. Promotes healthy joints, tendons and synovial fluid     Helps support cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system. Promotes improved performance levels in athletes. Supports energy production in the cell’s power plant—the mitochondria.  Supports enhancement of the immune response. Nourishment for your DNA.

Astaxanthin is 10X to 6000X stronger than other natural free radical scavengers


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