Dr. Brockman, D.C., N.D. maintains busy multi-disciplinary practices in Kentucky and Indiana with a focus on transitioning patients from pain to overall wellness. He has worked with all walks of life from many top collegiate and professional athletes (NBA, NFL, MLB) to Fortune 500 CEO’s to infants and seniors. 

    A leader in natural health, the Complete Wellness line of supplements began with Doc Brock’s Instant Relief.  His goal when creating Doc Brock’s Instant Relief was to create a product that provided instant relief that lasted, a product that just didn’t exist. The result was Doc Brock’s Instant Relief with Quadrazene, a patent-pending, all-in-one cream that provides four key benefits: it relieves pain fast; helps reduce inflammation, soothes sore muscles, and helps maintain healthy joints.   Doc Brock’s Instant Relief was awarded the INPEX National Gold Medal for outstanding health/medical invention. 

    This was just the beginning as a vision existed to create the best quality line of supplements combining several ingredients to help achieve wellness and lower costs.  Born was a natural muscle relaxer, a natural anti-inflammatory and heart healthy combination, an exclusive men’s, women’s, and kid’s multi-vitamin to name a few. 

    Further, the idea to attack nutritional deficiencies worldwide was created and developed in CompleteWellnessNaturalHealth.com and has become the mission of all Complete Wellness companies.  We encourage you to be your best self through our services and products and at the same time give back to others in need.  Every purchase on this site helps give to impoverished areas all over the US and world.